When you’re yearning to do something, it’s an important sign to pay attention.

“Yearn” means “to have an intense feeling of longing for something, typically something that one has lost or been separated from.” (Oxford Languages)

Do you see why yearning is at a whole different level than simply desiring to do something?  Or just wanting to do something?

Yearning shows up as an entirely different vibration in your body.

Yearning does not feel light or frivolous.

It feels essential.

It feels insistent.

Unless you answer its call to pay attention, it’s not going to go away. It will be with you at the end. You’ll be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I listen?”

Why is the feeling of yearning so strong? Why does this feeling stay with you?  Why can you so often feel the yearning just below the surface of your logical thoughts?

The definition I quoted above gives us a hint. Yearning feels so intense because it’s telling you there’s part of you that you’ve lost along the way.

It wants to be heard. Now.

It wants to come back. Now.

This part of you won’t be silenced until you make time and space for it.

I believe that yearning comes from the deepest part of you that knows how you could feel more fulfilled.  That knows what you could do to infuse your life with meaning and joy and a greater sense of wellbeing.

If you feel a yearning to do something, I can help you. Six years ago, I began attending to all the things I’d yearned for so long to do. Part of my answer was doing art. But the other part of my answer was helping people like you discover how to make what you yearn to do actually happen.

What you yearn does not need to be grand.  It only needs to feel important to YOU.

It could be to do something small, such as a hobby that makes your heart sing. It could be following your desire to change how other people think about something by writing a book or producing a podcast in your off hours. It could be shifting to a brand new career that has been calling to you recently. It could be launching a new business that offers a new service or product you’d had in your head. It could be changing a key part of your job to allow you to contribute more, or to more fully use your talents.

It could be anything at all that calls your name in the mornings and asks you to pay attention.

If there’s something you’d like to create, but you’re not sure it’s possible, or you’re not sure it’s time yet, let’s examine that together. I’d love to show you what’s actually possible for you now.  I’d love to blow your mind.  Send me an email at heather@gracedcanvas.com to book a free consultation call so that I can show you your mind and how it’s stopping you from doing what you secretly yearn to do.

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