When I was outwardly successful but inwardly discontented, I didn’t realize my unhappiness wasn’t caused by my job, the hours, the client demands or the pressures on me to perform.

I didn’t realize that joy was an immediate option.

I didn’t realize that my feelings of emptiness could vanish and be immediately replaced with a sense of purpose and flow.

I didn’t realize so many possibilities were available to me.

I didn’t know that if I used my creative power, I could step immediately into a life I wanted.

My past five years of personal transformation have taught me that NONE of my self-imposed limitations were ever true.

I’ve been able to create a life that is aligned with who I am and what I want to offer the world. I love showing my clients how to do the same.

What matters is how we think, how we feel and the actions we take.

What matters is opening ourselves up to what we desire.

What matters is how we wake up feeling each morning.

What matters is how we approach life.

I developed my one-on-one Creative Expansion coaching program for people like you who feel like I used to feel. Together, we’ll help you step into your power to create the life you want.

My clients have created so many things: a career shift, a new hobby, a new job, a new painting style, a new business, a new place to live, a plan for a new life.

They’ve learned how to think differently, ask the right questions, become more efficient, access what they want, believe in themselves, find new sources of time, withstand judgment, navigate though obstacles, feel better, find their voice and improve their relationships.

They’ve stepped into who they are.

They’re evolving into who they want to be. 

That’s what I want for you.

My one-on-one Creative Expansion coaching program is the vehicle that can get you there.

Jump on the phone with me for a free one hour call with me. We’ll explore what you really want and why it hasn’t happened YET. I’ll give you some insights and help you see your situation in a new light. And we’ll decide if my one-on-one coaching program is the right fit for you.

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And here’s a tip. Our human brains hate change. So if you feel the urge, book your free call now. If you give your brain a chance to think more, it will let days and months or even years slip by before you take action. Valuable time you could have been spending creating the life you want.

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Coaching Testimonials

Charise Naifeh, Career Coach, Life Coach, former lawyer

I’ve had the privilege of getting coaching from Heather for nearly two years and it’s been nothing short of life-changing.  Heather has coached me through a major career change, two international moves, healing from chronic neck and back pain, and all of the life issues that arise from being a working mom with two young kids. With her guidance, I’ve gone from being uncertain and terrified to leave my comfort zone to creating the life I envisioned for myself.

Heather has a unique ability that allows her to get to the core of any issue with lightening speed. Her coaching is so much richer than a single method – it’s a finely crafted blend of approaches combined with a certain X factor that comes from her wisdom and intuition.  I’ve worked with a lot of coaches, but I’ve never found anyone like Heather.

If you’re ready for a more joyful, creative and rich experience of live, my advice is: call Heather Kerr.

Dionne England, Author, Keynote Speaker, Business Consultant

Heather’s coaching made it easier to manifest the outcomes I want for myself.  Heather focuses on my mindset and getting it aligned with the goals I want to achieve.  Through our work together, I was able to get myself into the mindset of a successful writer, which energized me, boosted my confidence and helped me see the opportunities that were all around me to accomplish that goal.  Through my mindset and choosing empowering feelings, I was able to complete a draft of my book that I am proud of within the timelines I set for myself.  I find it easier to maintain my focus more consistently with the tools Heather shares.  Issues that arise have less of an impact on me.

Lisa Chicules, Visionary Leader, Corporate Strategist, Brand Champion

Heather’s coaching changed my mind.  Heather’s very practical approach to coaching helped me to understand how thoughts determine feelings and as a result actions, so if I want to change how I feel about a certain situation (at work or at home), all I have to do is change my thoughts and the rest will take care of itself.  It is so simple, yet so powerful.  Thank you Heather for the power to change my mind.

Bonnie Gordon, Artist, Former Owner of Bonnie Gordon College of Culinary Arts

Heather Kerr masterfully guided me out of the resistance and fear that accompanied retirement and back into the creative joy that fuelled my work ethic through 2 exciting and successful careers. In just a few short sessions I experienced a tremendous shift in how I interacted with others and a renaissance in my creative process.

Heather brings a finely tuned intuition and sharp analytical mind to her coaching seasons which quickly enable her clients to move through and out of repetitive thought patterns and behaviours with clarity and understanding.

Heather Kerr is an exceptionally gifted life coach for she brings a wealth of life experience from both corporate and creative fields.  

P.S., Design and Futures Strategist

Having Heather coach me was eye-opening. Through her methods she holds a mirror to my internal thought patterns and mindsets and allows me to see them for what they are, to not judge them, yet also learn to work with them to shift them – slowly, consciously, and with compassion.

She’s also very easy to talk to, has diverse life experience and puts me at ease. I am really glad I was introduced to her, and even more so that she’s my coach.

K. Young, Photographer and Writer

 Heather worked with me to help me trust my creative voice. Her perspectives as a gifted artist informed the plans we created. At that time, I was also in the initial stages of planning a move and she helped me to clarify the vision for my new home. With that work done, finding the right place was easy. Throughout our sessions I found her to be very perceptive. Her coaching is informed by a wealth of personal and business experience as well as formal training from some of the best mentors in North America. I felt she was dedicated to helping me move forward by addressing the doubts I experience in seeing myself as a person whose creativity will enrich the lives of others.

John S., Professional Engineer

Heather asked me a lot of questions about goals, needs, wants, looking also at

emotional, spiritual and physical needs.  A more thorough look at who I am,

where I’m going than I’ve ever done before. In the process, I discovered something

about myself which has probably affected most every decision I’ve made in my adult

life.  That, alone, was well worth the experience.

Wilma de Zeeuw, MA Registered Psychotherapist

When I reached out to Heather I was experiencing compassion fatigue and a general dissatisfaction with the way my life was going. Our coaching sessions have helped me reconnect to my core beliefs, feelings and experiences I desire for my life. Heather asked questions that allowed me to get out of my analytical brain and in touch with my creative side. Her style of gentle inquiry, invitation, incorporating practical tools and how-to’s I found to be helpful. Today I’m feeling confident and energized about my life and its possibilities, both professional and personal.  Thanks Heather!

Julia Gordon, Photographer and Entrepreneur

Heather Kerr is an excellent Coach.  She has helped me gain confidence in pursuing my creative projects and encouraged me greatly.  She is a very good listener and shed light on my thought processes that I had never considered before.

Helen Emmerson, Life Coach and Artist

Coaching Heather is a joy, inspiring and helps open difficult areas in the light of seeing.  Heather has a skill for holding people to processing one thought at a time.  Which given how many thoughts create up our minds, beliefs, stories and emotions, is a great skill to have developed!  Heather creates space for you to remember who you are at a deeper level.  In one coaching session on painting, I remembered something I’d forgotten…  Listening to what the painting wants.  I find this to be true in many aspects of our lives, so I was pleased to connect at this deeper level that is always here for us.  Heather helps draw this out, whether it be around creativity or processing more difficult areas of life.  I made a real shift in a long standing difficult aspect working with Heather.

Testimonials about Specialty Soul Painting Workshop (for non artists)

Kristi Stangeland, CEO of My Paravita, Meditation Instructor, Retreat Owner and Feng Shui Consultant

As a child, I loved to draw, paint and color but as I got older I started to judge my work and decided that I was not an “artist” as I did not draw well. I’ve taken a lot of classes around art as I have wanted to discover my inner artist once again. Heather’s workshop was by far the best “class” that I have participated in. I really felt the emotion of painting. The experience was so relaxing and gratifying!

Enid de Gracia, Architect

Heather is amazing.  She basically has developed a program where she takes you in to do your meditation.  You look at nature.  You sort of focus in on things that you want to draw.  And it becomes this therapeutic process that you don’t really have the wherewithal to know initially what you’re getting into.  It becomes a journey, a very healing journey.  Her meditation initially focusses you on that path in creating the artwork.  On the other hand, the artwork that is created is coming out of your subconscious.  You’re amazed by the beauty inside of you.  I think that, oftentimes, people when they’re doing this kind of soul searching work, neglect the fact that there is beauty inside all of us.  She’s able to put a mirror up to your soul and there it is.  It’s a very healing process.  Not only in the process of making it, but the actual product of it. Sharing it with a group or class environment has another dimension of mirroring who you really are and healing each other in the process.  Heather is magic.  And I’m going to add a phrase to it – in the most unassuming way, she is magic! 

Lisa Chicules, Visionary Leader, Corporate Strategist, Brand Champion

Heather’s Soul Painting is just that – good for the soul.  I had no idea that taking two hours out of my already jam-packed week could unleash so much energy and creativity. It fueled and centred me so I could tackle the rest of my week with energy to spare.  I guess this is what they mean by self-care.  I highly recommend it.

Laura Heselton, International Medium and Intuitive Coach

Heather sent me home with an opened up side of myself I had shut down so many, MANY years ago. Meditating and letting nature speak with a message of not having to worry about what came out, but doing it from an inspired heart center, getting out of the way and seeing what came out of me was so relaxing and fun.  I got lost in the feeling! I’m so excited she is coaching people to do that at her amazing property in Prince Edward County near Toronto. What a blessing for whoever jumps all over that one virtually -no barrier to entry.