You’ve got a demanding career, and you’re always on the go.  

Everyone – colleagues, clients, customers, family, friends – seems to want or need your attention – NOW!

Your day consists of managing through problems. 

It usually starts with one issue.  Then right after that, another issue comes along.  And then another.

You’re good at finding solutions.  You’re solving everyone else’s problems – except your own.

Your inner voice is whimpering, asking for your attention.  But you ignore it.

You remind yourself that you have so much to be grateful for.  A nice home.  Trips overseas.  Lots of accomplishments.  Recognition at work.  Friends and family you love.

But that inner voice won’t go away.

You often wake up feeling frustrated, a bit deprived, and like something is missing.  You’re not as happy at this stage in your life as you’d expected. 

And then you feel badly about feeling that way!

As you keep ignoring that inner voice, you start to feel disconnected from yourself.  Your feeling of being disconnected from yourself stays there – in the background- sometimes a low hum.  Sometimes not so much of a hum, but a scream.

You think there’s no solution.  You think you’ll just have to wait until you retire.

But you’re wrong.  There is a solution and you’re not stuck. 

I can show you why and what to do about it.

I work with my clients on two levels – their brains and their hearts. 

When we work together, I show you how to manage your brain to make your life amazing.  How to think differently so that you can feel better.  Right now.  In your job.  I teach you how to get your brain to work for you, not against you.  To find solutions.  To overcome all the obstacles that prevent you from making time and space for yourself.  To show you why it is not true that, “It’s just the way it is.”

And I show you how to connect with your heart through creativity.  I show you that a few hours of creative activity a week – whether it’s painting, writing a poem, cooking a meal from scratch without a recipe, writing a song or brainstorming a new idea for a Ted Talk – whatever is your jam – reconnects you with your deeper self.  Soothes your voice.  Teaches you how to be fully present.  Let’s you destress.  And helps you experience renewed joy and enthusiasm in every area of your life.

My clients learn how to create time and space for themselves, access their creativity and reconnect with their souls.   

My promise is that all of this is possible for you.  Even in the midst of your busy life.  Even while you keep that demanding job.

I have designed a six-week coaching program with you in mind.   At the end of my program, you will have greater control over your life, and feel more engaged, joyful, free and energized.  Your mind will be exercised in new ways and sharpened.

Are you ready to take the first step towards feeling better?  Just click on the button below and I’ll spend 20 minutes for free with you to teach you a tool that can help you unstick yourself in one area of your life.

My mini-session is totally free and without obligation.  And whatever happens, you’ll walk away with a simple tool you’ll be able to use to make your life better.

So click on the button below and let’s start you on your path to a joyful life. 

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When I reached out to Heather I was experiencing compassion fatigue and a general dissatisfaction with the way my life was going. Our coaching sessions have helped me reconnect to my core beliefs, feelings and experiences I desire for my life. Heather asked questions that allowed me to get out of my analytical brain and in touch with my creative side. Her style of gentle inquiry, invitation, incorporating practical tools and how-to’s I found to be helpful. Today I’m feeling confident and energized about my life and its possibilities, both professional and personal.  Thanks Heather!

Wilma de Zeeuw, MA RP, Oakville

Heather Kerr masterfully guided me back onto the creative path I had known for most of my life and lost (after retirement).  Being creatively stuck is like losing a limb to an artist and in just a few short sessions I experienced a tremendous shift in how I interacted with others and a renaissance in my creative process.  Heather brings a finely tuned intuition and sharp analytical mind to her coaching seasons which quickly enable her clients to move through and out of repetitive thought patterns and behaviours with clarity and understanding. Heather Kerr is an exceptionally gifted life coach for she brings a wealth of life experience from both corporate and creative fields.

B. Gordon, entrepreneur, painter and culinary artist, Toronto

Heather worked with me to help me trust my creative voice. Her perspectives as a gifted artist informed the plans we created. At that time, I was also in the initial stages of planning a move and she helped me to clarify the vision for my new home. With that work done, finding the right place was easy. Throughout our sessions I found her to be very perceptive. Her coaching is informed by a wealth of personal and business experience as well as formal training from some of the best mentors in North America. I felt she was dedicated to helping me move forward by addressing the doubts I experience in seeing myself as a person whose creativity will enrich the lives of others.

K.J. Young, photographer and writer, Toronto

Having Heather coach me over the past few months has been eye-opening. Through her methods she holds a mirror to my internal thought patterns and mindsets and allows me to see them for what they are, to not judge them, yet also learn to work with them to shift them – slowly, consciously, and with compassion.

She’s also very easy to talk to, has diverse life experience and puts me at ease. I am really glad I was introduced to her, and even more so that she’s my coach.

P.S., Design and Futures Strategist, Toronto/Ottawa

Heather asked me a lot of questions about goals, needs, wants, looking also at emotional, spiritual and physical needs.  A more thorough look at who I am, where I’m going than I’ve ever done before. In the process, I discovered something about myself which has probably affected most every decision I’ve made in my adult life.  Not what I was expecting, but that alone, was well worth the experience.

J.S., P.Eng, Toronto

I wanted to thank you for taking the time you spent coaching me. The introduction to a model that helped me manage my thoughts was enlightening and surprisingly beneficial.  I became more intrigued with each of our coaching sessions.  You were knowledgeable and easy to talk to which created an environment that was comfortable and conducive to accepting new concepts.   I am very excited to have started this journey which you have open my eyes to.

Vicki, Toronto Area