Helga’s pretty desperate about food.

Shortly after I rescued Helga from the fields of Kentucky, she knocked down a tin containing 47 cookies. She ate every last one.

She didn’t even throw up. Not bad for a cookie to weight ratio of 47 cookies to 22 pounds dog.

Even after five years, Helga still approaches meal time with a frenetic, I’ll-never-get-to-eat-again energy.

Every meal I have to remind her, “Stop dancing!”. Translation: “Don’t run around me frantically and jump on my legs. Just relax and your meal will be ready soon.”

Helga’s operating out of scarcity.

Helga’s pretty convinced her frenetic energy creates her meals. She wolfs (Beagles?) down her meals so fast she barely notices she’s eaten.

She’s constantly searching for food.

She’s living in the wanting of food.

It seems dumb when Helga operates this way, but somehow “smart”,” practical”, “realistic” when we do.

We let our own desperation for more – more money, things, recognition, time – take our focus away from what we already have.

We forget to notice the comfort of our homes, the good friends we can count on, the experiences that bring us joy.

We become frantic in our wanting of more.

Try this.

Stop dancing.

Notice all the ways you already have what you need.

Make choices from a place of abundance.

Notice how this approach quickly catapults you to a life that feels richer, more expansive, more fulfilling.

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