The ultimate failure is succeeding, succeeding, succeeding, but never stopping to feel the joy of where you are now.”

I heard this quote on a podcast this morning.  The ultra successful entrepreneur being interviewed attributed it to Tony Robbins.

I’m not sure it’s really Tony’s original thought or if it came from someone else.   No matter.  What I do know is that it sums up what motivates me to coach the people I do.

I was reminded of the way I used to believe life was.  When I was in the thick of things on Bay Street.

I used to spend far too little time savouring my successes.  Each accomplishment barely had any time to cool off before I was onto the next thing.

Wow, I can’t believe I won that account!  I really did it!   …  But I’ll be under so much pressure now.  What if I can’t do it again?

I really do love my new home.  That kitchen renovation was a pain in the you know what.  But so worth it!  It’s so beautiful!  I wish I had some time to spend enjoying it.  At least it’s nice for the kids.

It’s great to FINALLY be recognized as the “expert”.  But now all these people are looking up to me.  I’ll need to work harder to stay a step ahead.

Yes, I’d definitely LOVE to do that – sometime.  Sorry, I just CAN’T right now.  I’ve got SO MUCH on my plate.   Maybe later?

I feel so stressed all the time.  Wish I had a moment breathe.

I’d always thought it would feel different than this.  Once I got here.

What’s this all for, anyway?

There will be many of you who don’t think like this.   I didn’t write this for you.  But if you’ve had these thoughts, if you’ve felt trapped or stuck, I want you to know that there’s an entirely different way of thinking, an entirely different way of being, and an entirely different way of feeling than this.

Feeling better DOESN’T depend on you making a big move, quitting your job or making any fundamental changes to your circumstances.  (Although you COULD do those things.)

It depends on you developing a different mindset.  Different habits.  A different approach to navigating through whatever your circumstances are.  A different way of feeling.

And the first easy step is to simply decide, every once in awhile, to stop and savour the moment.  Breathe.  Literally just stop and smell the roses.

That’s a cliché.  But there’s a good reason it exists.  It is the most powerful truth I know.

Those moments of being fully present, noticing the beauty around you, feeling what is good and feeling grateful.  Those are the moments that have the power to change everything. 

Those moments are called JOY.

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