When I was a new lawyer, I looked at the partners at my law firm with reverence and awe.

I imagined how amazing it must feel to walk into a room and connect so easily with clients. To enjoy speaking on stage and engage an audience. To naturally lead and command respect.

I thought they were different than me.

When I was a young partner, I looked up at the leaders in my firm with an impressed respect.

I imagined what it must be like to feel so self-assured, confident in their ability to lead, calm when things went wrong.

I thought they were different than me.

When I was a leader and travelled a lot, I’d stop in a museum and be inspired by the paintings.

I imagined what it must feel like to be one of the artists. To spend my days fully immersed in something I loved. To feel creative and free and unlimited.

I thought they were different than me.

Then one day, I wondered, “Maybe I could do that too?”

I could.

That’s the way it always is.

When you admire someone else, notice what you admire.

What you admire is most certainly in you too.

You can become anything you want.

It took me a long time to figure this out. When I did, it changed my world.

It can change your world too.

As we near the end of 2020, think about the people who stood out the most for you. What do you appreciate the most about them? What do you most admire? What values do they share with you? How did they act? How did they think? What feelings do you imagine drove their actions?

This exercise may reveal some surprising things you believe, deep down, are true about you. It can widen your  perspective and heighten your aspirations. You’ll have a great place to start to define your goals for 2021.

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