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I’m an international tax lawyer and senior business leader turned artist and coach.  If you’ve been yearning to feel your creativity come alive again, but feel trapped by the demands of your career, friends, family and timetable, I can help.  I’ve been where you are, I’ve experienced your challenges, and I know first-hand how to help you tap into your creativity and incorporate it into your life now.  My mission is to empower women like you find the joy, sense of purpose and inspiration in your life that I have found through my own creative journey.

When we work together, I don’t focus on theory because theory alone won’t make you feel better.  We focus on action and the small, easy changes you can take to rekindle creative action in your life right now.  You learn how to approach your work week with more joy, less stress and greater engagement.

Everyone talks about “Freedom 55”.  The assumption is that you need to put your nose to the grindstone and defer enjoying your life until later.  Who made up that rule?  Its premise is false.  It assumes that you can’t pursue a joyful life while you’re still working.  I will show you why and how that is wrong.  I will demonstrate how to take small, half degree steps that can add a whole lot of creativity to your life right now.

I use my own experience to lead by example.    I love to think outside of the box.  I don’t believe in rules because they kill creativity and they kill potential.  Expect me to challenge the rules that you have imposed on yourself.

Don’t worry. Even though I will ask you to change your thinking, I won’t ever ask you to believe something you don’t.  And you’ll never hear me recommend that you repeat empty affirmations.  What I will do is show you simple, elegant, practical tools that you can use immediately to change your experience.

If you’re ready to invest 20 minutes with me, I can show you a simple tool you can use immediately to change a result in your life.  Join me for a free 20 minute session by clicking the button below.