Fear of Failing – Discomfort is not a Reason to Say No

Why allowing yourself to fail is the best way to start feeling good Ever since I was little, I worried about failing. I remember going to my first gymnastics class in grade 1.  Some kids showed up who were already good little gymnasts.  Their parents had enrolled them in gymnastics the year before.  Naturally, they were much better than the rest of us.  I remember thinking to myself that it was “too late” for me to embrace the sport because I was already “behind”!  Seriously.  I just couldn’t imagine showing up in class and feeling OK about not being good in front of the other children.  All I could imagine was a line of judging faces.  It’s easy to laugh now at this idea of feeling behind in grade 1.  But if you look at how we make decisions as adults, you might notice similar thoughts at play.  The reason I was worried about being behind was because I thought my lack of experience would cause me to look incompetent in front of [...]