Perfectionism – What if We’re Supposed to Get it Wrong?

Do you like feel like you always have to get it right? Like over 200,000 other self-help junkies, I’ve been watching Mel Robbins’ free Mindset Reset video series.  I’ve made a practice of always learning from the best people in my field, and Mel is one of the most booked motivational speakers in North America.  One of the first exercises we did in her program was to write down our negative thoughts throughout an entire day to see what patterns emerged.  As a twice-trained life coach, I’d already identified dozens of my own limiting beliefs and didn’t expect to discover anything new.  But Mel asked the usual question a bit differently than I’d heard it before, and that difference was important for me.  Mel asked us to identify a SINGLE limiting belief – a common thread behind all our thinking.  Her conviction that we would all find ONE pervasive negative thought about ourselves motivated me to search for mine. What I learned really surprised me because I generally feel a lot happier [...]