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The Unlikely Artist podcast is my way of giving back to you. Join me every Tuesday for real coaching and advice that will help you think more expansively about what’s possible for you, overcome your emotional roadblocks, and move your life more solidly in a direction that feels authentic to who you are.

My task in each episode is simple – to deliver my very best insights about life to you. I affectionately call you all “my Savvy Souls” because when I record my sessions, it’s like each one of you is there, across the table from me as we drink our coffees and chat. I imagine you as an intelligent, curious, accomplished, soul-searching, creative and passionate human being.

My wish is that you will tune into each episode and feel fully heard, understood and accepted as you are. You, Savvy Soul, are a treasured client. Welcome to my podcast. Write to me anytime with your suggestions or questions:

Latest Podcast Episodes

Learn how to take a calculated risk that factors in the consequences of NOT acting as well as acting. Let 2023 be the year that you take the small leaps that will make your life extraordinary.
When we face too many decisions and too many options, we can become frozen in inaction. This is the perfect episode to listen to and think about before you set your goals for the year. Tune in to learn some simple ways to focus your attention and reduce the overwhelm. Consider making 2023 the year...
Before you set your goals for next year, there’s one question I’d recommend you ask yourself. This question will reveal answers, possibly surprising answers, about what’s most important to you. Your answers will provide useful guidance for your decisions about what you want in 2023. In this episode, I reveal the question, and then I...
In this episode, I take a candid look at our need to be busy. What motivates us to stay busy? And what we’ll gain if we loosen the grip busyness has over our lives.
Nature helps us discover a depth of beauty in our surroundings that connects us with who we are. In this episode, I share the reason I’m spending more time in nature, how doing that is elevating the way I think and feel, and how more time in nature can do that for you too.
In this episode, you’ll learn how to rethink the roles you play. Tune in so you can stop leaving the best parts of you behind.
In this super fun episode, my amazing, wise and entertaining peer coach and lawyer friend, Angela Han, interviews me on her podcast, Fit to Practice. Angela has kindly let me share her recording on The Unlikely Artist. I think you’ll enjoy this episode because you get to hear what it’s like when I’m the one...
All that learning from others can help build our skills and our brains. Which is useful to a point. But once that point is reached, it can become detrimental. It can crowd out our brilliance. It can crowd out our trust in ourselves. It can crowd out our capacity to learn and grow from our...
In this episode I argue for a spontaneous life. By this, I’m not suggesting that we should all act impulsively and without thought. I am suggesting that each time we decide to act, we make that decision on the basis of everything we know in that moment. We allow ourselves to be unconstrained by choices...
Our best ideas surface when we stop rushing. When we allow ourselves time to breathe. When our cortisol levels drop and we lose the stress associated with our belief that everything’s urgent. When our minds are quiet and not preoccupied with our quest for answers.
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