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The Unlikely Artist podcast is my way of giving back to you. Join me every Tuesday for real coaching and advice that will help you think more expansively about what’s possible for you, overcome your emotional roadblocks, and move your life more solidly in a direction that feels authentic to who you are.

My task in each episode is simple – to deliver my very best insights about life to you. I affectionately call you all “my Savvy Souls” because when I record my sessions, it’s like each one of you is there, across the table from me as we drink our coffees and chat. I imagine you as an intelligent, curious, accomplished, soul-searching, creative and passionate human being.

My wish is that you will tune into each episode and feel fully heard, understood and accepted as you are. You, Savvy Soul, are a treasured client. Welcome to my podcast. Write to me anytime with your suggestions or questions:

Latest Podcast Episodes

In this episode I argue for a spontaneous life. By this, I’m not suggesting that we should all act impulsively and without thought. I am suggesting that each time we decide to act, we make that decision on the basis of everything we know in that moment. We allow ourselves to be unconstrained by choices...
Our best ideas surface when we stop rushing. When we allow ourselves time to breathe. When our cortisol levels drop and we lose the stress associated with our belief that everything’s urgent. When our minds are quiet and not preoccupied with our quest for answers.
We tend to secretly believe that our perfectionism is a good thing. We believe it means we have excellent standards. That’s why we feel proud when we share with someone, “I’m a perfectionist”. In this episode, I want to make you aware of some of the ways this thinking can limit you.
The same obstacle that impedes an artist’s creativity will also dull your shine, even if you’re a person with no creative aspirations. In this episode, I describe 4 situations where an artist’s creativity was challenged by this obstacle. I diagnose the common mistake and share how a similar pattern of thinking can dramatically and detrimentally...
Sit back and enjoy this interview with Jeff Madoff as he shares his wisdom about creative careers and business. There’s lots of relevant information in this episode for you to digest, whether you’re pursuing a creative career or not.
You don’t need mystical visions, like my own story about the visions of me painting, for your life to take a magical turn. You just need to develop the skill of listening for the stories the silenced parts of you want to tell you.
In this episode I share how being pickpocketed in Italy (See episode 70) catapulted me into a search for joy in my coaching business and art and led to me making some major decisions.
This episode is about the feeling of bittersweet – sadness and happiness mixed up together. The stuff of life. For me, bittersweet is a signal I’m fully experiencing life. I’m putting myself out there. I’m vulnerably connecting. I’m allowing all of life to be there and I’m allowing myself to experience all of it. There...
Life really sucks sometimes. A sudden moment of beauty can help you forget your problems, stop the loop of negative thinking that’s been keeping you stuck, create space for possibility and open portals of creativity. You can use beauty to connect with yourself, with others and your environment. Beauty isn’t trivial or less important than...
In this episode, I describe a process of loving stewardship you can use in any area of your life. This way of reframing things will help you love what you’re doing and, better, love yourself so much more.
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