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The Unlikely Artist podcast is my way of giving back to you. Join me every Tuesday for real coaching and advice that will help you think more expansively about what’s possible for you, overcome your emotional roadblocks, and move your life more solidly in a direction that feels authentic to who you are.

My task in each episode is simple – to deliver my very best insights about life to you. I affectionately call you all “my Savvy Souls” because when I record my sessions, it’s like each one of you is there, across the table from me as we drink our coffees and chat. I imagine you as an intelligent, curious, accomplished, soul-searching, creative and passionate human being.

My wish is that you will tune into each episode and feel fully heard, understood and accepted as you are. You, Savvy Soul, are a treasured client. Welcome to my podcast. Write to me anytime with your suggestions or questions:

Latest Podcast Episodes

When we actually do something, it feels totally different than just thinking about doing it. It’s only through our actions we can develop our own way of going about it and make something our own.
If we want to move forward in a way it doesn’t feel like we’re struggling all the time, we need to be more like a river. Tune in to this episode to find out how you can use the technique of pretending to be a river to push past the pain of disappointed expectations and...
Today we consider why professional development might feel like a burden or a chore and how it can be transformed into something that feels nourishing and useful to you.
We all criticize ourselves. We believe that if we judge ourselves harshly, that will spur us on to take the actions we need to take or protect us from disappointment. Our negative judgments don’t accomplish either result. At the end of this podcast, I present some actions you can use to defend yourself against unproductive...
In this episode I share my thoughts about how the quality of attention you bring to what you do can fundamentally alter your experience of it, draw out the meaning, create the connection, help you see the beauty, and bring you into a deeper understanding of the people around you.
Our quest to feel more alive comes down to one thing. We desire to live life in a way that feels more “us”. In this episode I explore how to become more of who you really are by pretending in one of 3 specific ways.
Learn how to erase boundaries between the various roles you play, “paint over” areas of your life that no longer serve you, and use “uncontrolled subtraction” to create time for exploration and discovery.
The novelty of a new perspective is exciting because it creates possibility. It fuels us with energy. A fresh perspective helps us invent, find solutions and discover relationships between things we’d thought were unrelated, and reboots our creativity. In this episode I share 5 ways you can discover fresh perspectives. Try these out when you’re...
Join me for this mind-shifting conversation with my friend and peer coach, Sarah Hurrle. Sarah takes us on her journey from being a fundraiser for non-profit organizations, to refocusing on her own health as she navigated health challenges, to becoming a certified health coach, to her focus today on “healthy sales”.
Legendary music producer, Rick Rubin, advises that in order to create at the highest level, your audience must come last. This is true (maybe even especially) if you care about how the audience experiences your work. Instead, he advises, allow your natural creativity to bubble up and out of you and into the world.
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