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The Unlikely Artist podcast is my way of giving back to you. Join me every Tuesday for real coaching and advice that will help you think more expansively about what’s possible for you, overcome your emotional roadblocks, and move your life more solidly in a direction that feels authentic to who you are.

My task in each episode is simple – to deliver my very best insights about life to you. I affectionately call you all “my Savvy Souls” because when I record my sessions, it’s like each one of you is there, across the table from me as we drink our coffees and chat. I imagine you as an intelligent, curious, accomplished, soul-searching, creative and passionate human being.

My wish is that you will tune into each episode and feel fully heard, understood and accepted as you are. You, Savvy Soul, are a treasured client. Welcome to my podcast. Write to me anytime with your suggestions or questions:

Latest Podcast Episodes

When we imagine ourselves in a desired future, our brains can’t distinguish between the imaginary and the real. We start acting as if we were already that person now. This allows us to start navigating our lives in the same way our desired future self would do. When we do that, we make that future...
Find out why it’s NOT true that you don’t have enough time to do things that you KNOW deep inside are important to you.
In this episode, I explore how we hold ourselves back by making assumptions about what we CAN’T do and what’s NOT possible for us, instead of choosing to explore ways to make what we desire to happen.
In this delightful interview with Kristi Stangeland, we explore why she left a successful accounting career to search for something that would help her feel more whole.
Who's Driving Your Bus?
In this episode, I dive into why so many of us let someone less qualified than us drive our bus. When we do this, we exclude ourselves from experiencing the side journeys and fascinating explorations that would help us grow and evolve and become the person we want to be.
Finding Your True Identity
When we believe our identity can be described as a collection of our current roles, we blind ourselves to what’s possible. In this episode, I teach you how to overcome this narrow way of thinking by defining yourself in a totally different way.
In this episode, I tell a story about how I overcame my fear of pubic speaking and the important lessons I learned about just being myself. We spend too much time catering to the “they” we’re so convinced are out there waiting to judge us. This keeps us from showing up as our best selves...
My objective in this episode is to inspire you to “Marie Kondo” your mind. For those of you who don’t know her, Marie Kondo is a Japanese consultant who has a Netflix show about helping hoarders declutter their homes. She asks them to ask themselves if each item in their house brings a “spark of...
In this episode, I flip on its head the idea that paying attention to your deepest wants is selfish. Both women and men are socialized to deny themselves the things they most want. We spend our time doing all the things we believe we “should” do. We try to appease our parents, bosses, spouses, friends,...
In this inaugural episode, I share my own unlikely journey from an international tax lawyer to artist and coach. Why unlikely? Because I’d given up on art when I was 11. Because I’d labelled myself as “uncreative” for decades. Because my tax law practice was thriving, and it seemed so odd to leave my high-profile...
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