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The Unlikely Artist podcast is my way of giving back to you. Join me every Tuesday for real coaching and advice that will help you think more expansively about what’s possible for you, overcome your emotional roadblocks, and move your life more solidly in a direction that feels authentic to who you are.

My task in each episode is simple – to deliver my very best insights about life to you. I affectionately call you all “my Savvy Souls” because when I record my sessions, it’s like each one of you is there, across the table from me as we drink our coffees and chat. I imagine you as an intelligent, curious, accomplished, soul-searching, creative and passionate human being.

My wish is that you will tune into each episode and feel fully heard, understood and accepted as you are. You, Savvy Soul, are a treasured client. Welcome to my podcast. Write to me anytime with your suggestions or questions:

Latest Podcast Episodes

The tiniest things we do can make a huge difference to someone else. When we intentionally extend our goodwill to another person, they can feel it. We might be the only live person they interact with that day. Our kindness can create an important sense of connection and belonging for them - and for us...
We’re so consumed with just getting “it” done and moving on to the next thing that many of us have become completely disconnected from knowing what we like. In this episode I talk about 4 methods you can use to unearth a deeper level of understanding about what you like and don’t like, so you...
In this episode, I discuss four categories of mistakes we make in the way we think about the risks and benefits of change that keep us stuck where we are.
This episode is dedicated to my uncle, John Garry Kerr (April 30, 1932 – July 12, 2023), who served as an example for me and so many others about how to live intentionally, joyfully and exuberantly, always.
Contrast makes our lives feel more energetic, vibrant, and alive. Knowing that can point us in some useful directions. I discuss four of them here.
Pretty much everyone I know has a relentless self critic inside their heads. We think self criticism is what helps us improve. Instead it leads, at its worst, to self-loathing and, at its best, to inaction. In this episode, I share a simple technique Rob Bell and Elizabeth Gilbert taught us that is both easy...
This episode is about what we make rejection mean and how we can deal with it more usefully when it surfaces. Tune in now to hear 6 steps you can take the next time you feel rejected.
One of the purposes of this podcast is to help you understand and believe that there's something deeply and uniquely creative inside you. And to know that whatever form you express that in is perfect. Your joy in doing it is enough. When you share something you’ve created with someone else, it allows them to...
In this episode, I discuss how to develop a habit of savouring to increase your overall sense of wellbeing and enhance your creativity. Savouring is an intentional action you can take in any moment. And it’s a practice that’s more likely to produce happiness than anything else I know.
In this episode, I share two techniques you can use when other people upset you, especially when your upset is sticking around.
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