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The Unlikely Artist gives you permission to stop settling for a life and career you don’t love. You’re an intelligent, accomplished, soul-searching, curious, creative and passionate human being. This podcast will help you master the skills you need to create a more powerful, purposeful and personally fulfilled life. The truth is you’re not stuck, no matter what choices you’ve made or how tied down you feel. This podcast will show you how to create the freedom you need to become who you want and the slow, easy steps to make it happen. Best of all, you won’t need to leave your job or take big risks.

Each week, join former international tax lawyer, Heather Kerr, who left the law to become an artist and coach. Heather’s leading a life she loves now. And you can too. No giant leaps are necessary. Each week in this podcast, Heather will share one simple thing you can do to start creating the life you want. Join The Unlikely Artist podcast every week and Heather will help you expand your world.

Latest Podcast Episodes

This is my favorite episode so far because of the power of what I'm sharing here. I unveil what I like to think of as the secret to the universe – how to access the unlimited creativity that is available to you. When you tap into it, your life will transform in a powerful way.
In this episode, we focus on your worried brain. If you have a habit of worrying a lot, it’s because a part of you believes that worry is useful. In this episode, I show you why worry isn’t useful and how you can redirect your worried brain to more productive–and enjoyable - thinking. If you...
If you think some part of you is wrong, you’ll find comfort in this episode. We all have a tendency to want to fight off our inner critic, but it doesn’t work. “Piling on” by criticizing our own inner critic only makes things worse. In this episode, I propose a different approach that involves self...
This is a fun and different episode that will pack a punch in your life if you follow my suggestions towards the end. It’s not a “chick episode” and it’s not for fashionistas. The way you think about the simple act of getting dressed in the morning can be a portal to a more a...
In this episode, I teach you a new concept - “high quality actions” – and how to use them to get to a place you actually want to be!
In this episode, you’ll learn what questions to ask yourself to relish every area of your life. You won’t need your circumstances to change to find more contentment. You’ll naturally start to transform everything you do to be more fun and feel more fulfilling.
Our tricky perfectionist brains like to spin the concept of feeling “good enough” into just one more thing we need to strive to achieve. When we discover just how often we don’t feel good about ourselves, we feel like we’re failing. We pile on even more self-criticism. We end up feeling badly about the fact...
One of the biggest challenges we encounter is not knowing how to make decisions that serve us. In this episode, I teach you my concept “expansive wholeness”. It’s a framework I’ve created to help you start making decisions that are FOR you.
In this episode, you’ll find out how Tom used the same set of skills, interests and thoughts to create both the financing career he loved and the sculpting career that has become his passion and focus.
In this episode, we explore the concept of being cancelled in a completely different context – a concept I call “self-cancelling”. It’s something we do to ourselves to create a sense of belonging. It’s premised on the assumption that our sense of belonging comes from other people.
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