The Magic Room Experience is a 5 month group experience I’ve created to help you expand your mind and do more of what you love.

You’ll learn four different skills to unlock more joy in your life: 

  • Soul Painting will help you use the other part of your brain to stop thinking about all the shit troubling you, relax (without binge watching Netflix), and enter a creative state where all lthe answers you’ve been seeking naturally emerge.
  • Body Wisdom will help you make decisions that are FOR you, instead of people pleasing everyone around you and second guessing yourself.
  • Expansive Thinking will help you stop believing your withering self-judgments, dream up new possibilities, and develop the safety and capacity you need to explore new ideas.
  • Soul Writing will help you increase the richness of your experiences, celebrate your successess and connect with your truths.

The Magic Room Experience is a sacred, safe space where you’ll be supported by (and support) other like-minded, intelligent, open, diversity-welcoming, mystically-inclined, creatively interested, high achievers as you journey forward together.

To receive full program details and cost and find out how to apply, send me your name and email by completing the contact form at In the message section of the form, let me know you’d like more info about the Magic Room Experience. 

When I receive your request, I’ll send you a program brochure and a Q&A form for you to complete. The Q&A form will help me evaluate if this program is a good fit for you. 

Once you’ve had a chance to look over the program details and submit your Q&A form to me, you can book a 20 minute chat with me over Zoom to answer any remaining questions you have about the Magic Room Experience. You can book your conversation with me at

Note: If you’re even thinking of applying, reserve October 29 and 30, 2022 in your calendar. The Magic Room Experience includes a bonus 2 day retreat at my property (which I call “GRACE”). You can see photos of GRACE in every season at

My property is located in Prince Edward County, Ontario.