Feeling stuck?

I know exactly what that’s like.

You’re successful by every measure. But you wake up feeling like something important is missing.

I’m Heather Kerr.  I’m a certified life coach and artist, and a former international tax lawyer.


You’ve done all the right things – got a degree, picked the right jobs, had your achievements recognized and enjoyed financial success. You know you should feel happy, but you don’t.

Too often, you wake up with an empty feeling in your gut, as if you’ve lost touch with your soul. You feel like you rarely get a chance to enjoy the really good things in life 

You keep struggling with overwork, self-doubt and perfectionism. 

You judge yourself harshly. You rarely believe what you do is enough.

Everyone seems to want a piece of you. You’ve become so used to catering to their needs, you’ve forgotten to take care of your own.

Sometimes you wonder if there’ll be anything left of you for you. Will it always be like this?

You sense that there’s something bigger out there for you, but you have no idea how to make it happen.

You yearn for more personal fulfillment and meaning in your life.

You tell yourself you should feel grateful.

But the truth is, you feel STUCK.

What I wished I’d known when I felt this way was how many other accomplished people secretly feel this way too.

I thought it was just me. I thought there was something wrong with me. I thought there was something wrong with my life that couldn’t be fixed.

I fiercely believed in all the limitations that seemed to be holding me back from the life I desired.


I didn’t know what was possible until I stopped being a lawyer and took up art.

Stepping out of law was the right decision for me, but it wasn’t giving up my job that changed my life.

What changed my life was freeing my brain to think differently.

Art unleashed my creative brain and opened my world. I realized I could harness my creativity to create so much more than art.

I began to see possibilities everywhere. I created new ideas, wrote a blog, designed a building, trained as a coach, started a newsletter and developed a coaching program.

I used my new brain to create a life I love.


Along the way, I realized that one of the components of leading a life I love would be to coach people like you to create a life YOU love.

I realized that being of service was a key value for me.

I didn’t want all the people who felt like I used to feel to throw up their hands and surrender to their fate – not when I KNEW I could help them.

I didn’t want them to “make do”.

I didn’t want them to wait decades to be happy.                                                           

I realized that when you find the secret sauce, you want to shout it from the rooftops! So I decided to create practical techniques to help people like me find the personal fulfillment they’re seeking.

I realized they didn’t need to leave their jobs or make seismic changes, unless that’s what they yearned to do. Small, practical changes could alter their experience of life in a fundamental and deeply fulfilling way.

If they followed their hearts, their lives could change, and they could wake up feeling inspired, purposeful, free and fulfilled.

That could be you. To find out how my Creative Expansion one-on-one coaching program could help you to wake up feeling ready to embrace life, click on the link below to schedule your free one hour call with me.

Whether we work together or not, you’re guaranteed to walk away from our call with a new perspective that alters how you feel every day. If you’ve read this far, you were meant to find me. Don’t walk away from this chance to connect with a coach who’s been where you are and knows how to help you experience life the way YOU want.

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