Experience beauty
in every season at GRACE

Discover a more expanded life at GRACE

You’re formally invited to:

  • Experience the magic of GRACE’s meadows, gardens and indoor areas.
  • Feel your breath ease as you relax in natural surroundings.
  • Explore visual splendour in every season: tulips, daffodils, irises, peonies, lilacs, lilies, and poppies; red leafed sumac groves; Monarchs fluttering over late summer fields; orange and gold Maples; grape laden vines; bright sun shining through snow frosted trees; views of the lake through leafless branches.
  • Relax at a table in the art-filled GRACE Studio with its top-of-the-hill view of fields and big skies over the lake below.
  • Settle in a chair along the meadow paths to eat a sandwich, write in your journal, contemplate life, draw, paint or just enjoy being surrounded by nature.
  • Stay for sunset and watch Mother Nature paint the sky with brilliant reds, golds, pinks and purples.
  • Linger when it’s dark and be awed by star dusted skies.
  • Let your dogs burn off steam in the post and beam dog area at the bottom of the hill.

GRACE Studio – Beautiful in every season