It’s Time to EXPAND
Your Experience of Life

How to Step into Your Expansion

You’ll know you’re living expansively when you:

  • Feel alive with a spirit of adventure and exploration
  • Know how to push past the perimeters of what already exists in your world.
  • Feel like you’re satisfying your human need to keep growing and evolving
  • Are engaged in pursuits that satisfy your soul’s yearnings
  • Regularly create the time and space you need to access your full creative capacity
  • Have a broad perspective of what’s possible for you
  • Enjoy moments where you experience a general feeling of well-being
  • Know you’re ok exactly where you are now
  • Don’t let fear stop you from doing the things important to you
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Group Coaching

You don’t need to embark on your journey of expansion alone. Get the support, encouragement and inspiration you need by joining other people like you in The Magic Room Experience.

In this group coaching container, you’ll:

  • Liberate yourself from the idea there’s a “right way” to things.
  • Become more confident and purposeful in your choices, regardless of what other people think.
  • Comfort the scared part of you that wants to be safe.
  • Learn how to make ease and relaxation an important piece of your expansive experience.
  • Ground yourself in appreciation for all that you are now.
  • Show up more fully yourself in everything you do instead of compartmentalizing yourself into artificial roles.
  • Engage in activities that fuel your imagination, spark your creativity, and nurture your soul.
  • Step into the fullest, most creative expression of you.

It’s time for you to feel more expansive every day. Let’s waive some fairy dust and make that happen. Let’s join together in The Magic Room Experience. You’ll learn how to select areas of your life for expansion, create the courage to take action, overcome obstacles, and make your biggest desires become your lived experience.

Step into a magical container where we make that happen together.

Join The Magic Room Experience, grab a magic wand, and get ready to watch your life expand.

Here’s what will happen in The Magic Room Experience:

You’ll find FREEDOM.

You’ll be liberated from the judging voice in your head, overcome your fears, unleash your inner yearnings, write your own rules and become comfortable speaking in your own voice.

Your world will feel more EXPANSIVE.

You’ll learn how to push past your limits, access your full creative capacity, grow your intuition, and expand your mind.

You’ll learn how to take CREATIVE ACTION.

You’ll learn to how to connect with your surroundings, create space for your imagination, and take creative action from a state of inspired flow.

Program Details

We’re a digital community and the magic will happen from June to November, 2022.  We’ll have 3 calls a month over Zoom to go through the curriculum and get coached. We’ll be in a private Facebook group where we interact and support each other and get our questions answered. The program wraps up with an optional, bonus 2 day live event at GRACE Studio in Prince Edward County (meals and accommodation not included). Investment for the full program is CAD$6000.

There will be a Q&A process before you sign up to make sure the program’s a good fit for you, and all of us in The Magic room are a good fit for each other.

If the idea of the Magic Room Experience has whet your curiosity, you can make sure not to miss further announcements about program details and the application process by signing up to receive my Creative Expansion newsletter.

individual coaching

Individual Coaching

You decide on a goal that feels expansive in any area of your life or career. I coach you on how to make that goal happen. I bring to your sessions my wealth of experience as a life coach, artist, senior leader and lawyer on Bay St, artist, gallery and retreat owner, and mother of two young adults. I coach your mind, advise you on strategy and teach you how to think more expansively and creatively.

I offer free personal strategy sessions to talk about your expansive goals, give you some new perspectives about how you can move forward to make them happen, and answer your questions about my coaching. To book your free session, click on this link.

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I offer a variety of live workshops and mini-retreats on all things expansive and life enhancing – creative expression, soul painting, soul writing, goal setting, confidence, meadow bathing, rituals, resonance, stopping self judgment, art appreciation and more. View calendar

I also offer custom coaching retreats. Contact me directly at if you have a special request.

free advice

Free Advice

I offer the best of what I know every week in The Unlikely Artist podcast.

I provide additional valuable insights and perspectives on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Heather’s coaching made it easier to manifest the outcomes I want for myself.  Heather focuses on my mindset and getting it aligned with the goals I want to achieve.  Through our work together, I was able to get myself into the mindset of a successful writer, which energized me, boosted my confidence and helped me see the opportunities that were all around me to accomplish that goal.  Through my mindset and choosing empowering feelings, I was able to complete a draft of my book that I am proud of within the timelines I set for myself.  I find it easier to maintain my focus more consistently with the tools Heather shares.  Issues that arise have less of an impact on me.

Dionne England, Author, Keynote Speaker, Business Consultant

Heather’s coaching changed my mind.  Heather’s very practical approach to coaching helped me to understand how thoughts determine feelings and as a result actions, so if I want to change how I feel about a certain situation (at work or at home), all I have to do is change my thoughts and the rest will take care of itself.  It is so simple, yet so powerful.  Thank you Heather for the power to change my mind.

Lisa Chicules, Visionary Leader, Corporate Strategist, Brand Champion

I’ve had the privilege of getting coaching from Heather for nearly two years and it’s been nothing short of life-changing.  Heather has coached me through a major career change, two international moves, healing from chronic neck and back pain, and all of the life issues that arise from being a working mom with two young kids. With her guidance, I’ve gone from being uncertain and terrified to leave my comfort zone to creating the life I envisioned for myself.

Heather has a unique ability that allows her to get to the core of any issue with lightening speed. Her coaching is so much richer than a single method – it’s a finely crafted blend of approaches combined with a certain X factor that comes from her wisdom and intuition.  I’ve worked with a lot of coaches, but I’ve never found anyone like Heather.

If you’re ready for a more joyful, creative and rich experience of live, my advice is: call Heather Kerr.

Charise Naifeh, Career Coach, Life Coach, former lawyer