Today we explore why your emotional vocabulary matters. Your capacity to precisely name your emotions will radically improve your ability to diagnose why what you’re doing is or isn’t producing the outcomes in your life you desire.

If you expand your emotional vocabulary, you’ll discover what makes you tick and the root cause of any behaviours that don’t serve you. You’ll connect more deeply with other human beings and be more powerful and impactful in your interactions.

In this episode, I refer to 3 books, all of which can be purchased on Amazon and other locations. (None of these are paid promotions.):

Build Trust @ Work by Dionne England (;

The Dictionary of Emotions by Patrick Michael Ryan (;

Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown (


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I’m a former international tax lawyer and senior partner of Ernst & Young in Toronto, where I serviced banks and other large multinationals and led a large group of professionals.

My life expanded when I left the law in 2014 to learn how to paint, something I’d always dreamt of doing, but had no reason to believe was possible for me. After a couple years of painting and selling my work, I became passionate about helping other people who yearn to feel more personally fulfilled, invigorated and soul connected in their lives every day.

I now spend my time painting, coaching, and creating live events at GRACE Studio (more formally, the “George Russell Academy of Creative Expansion”) in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.