Learn why contentment fuels your productivity while worry and stress slow you down.

When you get caught in the trap of believing that worry and stress motivate you to work harder, solve your problems and get things done, you’re experiencing a thought error. All worry and stress really do is cause you to focus on all the things you haven’t managed to do yet and all the ways you believe you’re deficient.

Stewing on what you haven’t done and all your inadequacies is never useful. It diverts your mind from finding solutions. You might get things done in the end, but it’s never a consequence of your worrying. It happens when you’re able to shift out of worry to more constructive, solution-oriented thinking.

Times of contentment, of presence, of not overthinking allow space for creative solutions to appear. In those times, you’re no longer stressing and striving because you’re no longer trying to force yourself to come up with the answers you’re seeking. You’re just giving yourself sufficient space to receive answers and trusting that the best ideas and the most brilliant plans will emerge.


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I’m a former international tax lawyer and senior partner of Ernst & Young in Toronto, where I serviced banks and other large multinationals and led a large group of professionals.

My life expanded when I left the law in 2014 to learn how to paint, something I’d always dreamt of doing, but had no reason to believe was possible for me. After a couple years of painting and selling my work, I became passionate about helping other people who yearn to feel more personally fulfilled, invigorated and soul connected in their lives every day, and I became certified as a life coach.

I now spend my time painting, coaching, and creating live events at GRACE Studio (more formally, the “George Russell Academy of Creative Expansion”) in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. And, of course, producing this podcast for you.