And now for a totally different take on setting your goals…

Even if you feel an inner groan coming up when you even think about goal setting, you’ll find this episode helpful. I share a process I discovered that’s fun and produces amazing results. Learn how you can make goal setting in 2022 an exercise that lights you up inside and has you motivated to take action.

In this episode, you’ll learn the 4 steps of my “Glow Goal” process:

Set your Glow Goals.

Establish a Morning Glow habit.

Create your Glowing feedback habit.

Team with your Glow Goal Muse.

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I’m a former international tax lawyer and senior partner with Ernst & Young. I left the law in 2014 to learn how to paint. After a couple years painting and selling my work, I became passionate about helping other people who feel stuck in their careers and lives and want to feel more personally fulfilled, invigorated and soul connected. I now spend my time painting, coaching, and creating live events at the George Russell Academy of Creative Expansion in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada (PS called “GRACE” – one of my favourite words!)