I’ve defined my life’s purpose as inspiring people to connect with their souls through art and other forms of creative expression.

But I didn’t know anything about this until I was in my 50’s.

I had done all the right things.  I had an MA in Economics and a law degree.  I was an international tax lawyer.  I led a large group of lawyers and accountants at one of the “Big 5” professional services firms.  I advised some of North America’s largest companies.   I had a challenging, mentally stimulating job that paid well.

Yet I felt stressed and empty.  Like I was missing something I couldn’t define. 

By an early age, I had concluded that I was “not artistic”.  That label, which I carried with me for four decades, limited me in so many ways – what I chose to do in my spare time, how I showed up work, what I believed was possible for me to create and even my degree of self-confidence.

And then, one day, in my 50’s, I decided that this label was just a thought that didn’t serve me, and I began to paint.  What had changed?  Just a dream.  I dreamt one morning that I was painting a beautiful canvas.  And in my dream, it felt so wonderful to paint.   It felt so amazing that I couldn’t stop thinking about my dream when I woke up.  It felt compelling in a totally irrational way.  A few months later, I left my job to paint full time.

During this period of learning how to paint, I began to understand creativity in a deeper way.  I became obsessed with learning everything I could about creativity.  How to tap into it.  How to be my creative best.

I talked to other people about their creative experiences.  I began to believe that creativity is a fundamental characteristic that all humans share.

I learned that creativity connects us with something deep inside of us.  We each attach different labels to it: beauty, spaciousness, truth, God, the universe.   But no matter what label we have, our common experience is joy.

When I understood this, it became my mission to share what I learned to help people who were like I had been.  People who I could help tap into their creativity and experience a more joyful life.

So I went on a mission to learn the skills I would need to teach what I had learned.  I studied with many teachers and learned different skills.  Everything I learned was useful.  But nothing seemed exactly right.  Until I landed on coaching.

My life coach training taught me how to share what was in my brain in a way that I could help my clients.  And it let me understand that it isn’t our jobs that cause us stress.   It is our mindset.  Which is amazing news because that is something we can learn how to manage.  With a few simple tools.  In a way that transforms our life so that it feels amazing.

My time spent painting taught me how creative activities – even a few hours a week – can connect us with our hearts and our souls, and teach us how to be fully present, and fully engaged in life.

So I combine the tools I’ve learned from my own life experience, from coaching clients, and from my time spent painting and exploring creativity to help women like you who feel trapped and empty.  I show you how to stay in your job, connect with your creativity and embrace life again. 

I’d love to teach  you one of the simple tools I’ve learned, that you can use to start enjoying life more right now.

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