I’ve always been a rebel. If my parents were still alive, they could tell you stories about all the ways this showed up when I was a teenager. I definitely had a wild side!

But by the time I was 20, I’d learned to suppress my wildness.

I wanted to excel. I was ambitious and I wanted to make something of myself.

I found myself some mentors. I took their advice. I followed the rules.  I played the game. I did what was expected.

I got 3 degrees.

After a stint as an economist, I eventually wound up as a partner in the international tax practice of an accounting firm.

I was a lawyer surrounded by accountants. Brilliant people energized by targets, metrics and methodologies.

I tried to comply, but I was differently wired. Sometimes my rebel side creeped in.

The group I led outperformed when we didn’t follow the rules.

I was happiest when I gave myself permission to think outside the box.

Yet I never thought of myself as being creative.

My job had many wonderful aspects: interesting work, intellectual growth, the chance to travel and meet people in other countries, recognition and status, the opportunity to lead large teams, time spent with incredibly smart people, a roster of prestigious clients, money.

Many people would have loved my job. Perhaps most.

Not me. I was outwardly enthusiastic but secretly dissatisfied.

My unhappiness grew over time.

I didn’t know what to do.

I felt trapped by my success. I thought nothing could change.

I used to feel so stuck.

There were others jobs I would have loved, but I’d ruled them all out. I’d opted for practical, realistic choices. And that was that.

I stayed for 3 decades in two careers I didn’t love.

What I didn’t know yet was that if I applied a creative mindset and opened myself to possibility, there was a MUCH broader spectrum of practical, realistic options available to me.

Now I’m a Creative Expansion coach. I’m an artist who has developed my own painting style without any formal training. I’m a city girl who lives in the countryside and manages 8 ½ acres of meadows, trees and trails. I’m a person who thought she wasn’t creative who works in a beautiful art studio and workshop space she designed and built. I’m a coach who finally is following her dream of helping other people change their lives.

If you’d predicted this would be my life, I would have thought you were delusional.

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I’m a coach who understands the pressures you’re under and how trapped you feel. I know how to help you navigate through it all to a life you love. Because I’ve experienced it ALL: the limitations and the transformations.

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