For those of you in the midst of goal setting and resolution making as we commence the first week of the decade, I’d like to encourage you to approach this task in a new way. Ponder this question: How am I approaching 2020 differently than before?

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “The same actions lead to the same results”. And it’s true, as far as it goes. What it doesn’t do is tell you WHY you keep taking the same actions.

If you’re starting 2020 with a similar set of resolutions as 2019 and the only difference is your VOW you’ll adhere to them this time, my guess is that it’s unlikely you’ll close out 2020 any differently than 2019

Why? Because what fuels your actions are your feelings. And what creates your feelings are your conscious and subconscious thoughts and beliefs. So if you don’t work on shifting how you think, and if you don’t take the steps you need to take to start changing your subconscious patterns and habits, you’ll keep showing up the way you always have, taking the same actions and achieving the same results.

I started 2019 with a ton of things on my agenda to DO. I was focussed on building my coaching practice and developing my newly purchased acreage. I spent 2019 in a flurry of activity – designing buildings, renovating, hiring a team to maintain the acreage, coaching, marketing, networking and writing content, plus taking further trainings in everything from public speaking to subconscious reprogramming.

I was “SOOOO busy”. Too busy to paint. Why? Because I decided my lawyer brain was the part of my brain best equipped to help me become successful as an entrepreneur. And my lawyer brain decided I needed to work hard, strive and effort. ALL THE TIME.

The result? Lots of “busy”. Lots of stress. Lots of overwhelm. 

My son remarked that I was conducting my life the same way I’d done when I was a Bay Street partner. That was my red flag.

In December, I made a decision. I decided to spend the full month painting. No coaching. No networking. No marketing. No striving.

Just me and my paint brush, fully immersed in the moment.

And you know what happened? The process of painting fuelled me personally AND professionally. Creativity simply spilled out of me. As I painted, I was flooded with new ideas about how to help my coaching clients. Ideas for more impactful program content. Fresh ways of addressing my clients’ issues, challenges and obstacles.

I discovered that painting makes me a BETTER coach.

Here’s how I’m approaching 2020 differently. I’m practicing this thought: I’m an artist whose time spent painting FUELS her coaching practice and adds value to her coaching clients. This will be my guiding principle. It will amplify the energy and inspiration I bring my clients.

Let me reword my starting question in a way I hope encourages you to think differently about 2020. Ask yourself, “What is the single new belief I could adopt to make my success in 2020 inevitable?” Open your mind and think creatively.

Your new belief could change everything.

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