The number you see here? It’s pretty close to zero.

I’ve seen this number quoted a number of times as being the chance any one of us was born.

I don’t know if this number is correct, but there’s a truth to it that inexactness won’t detract from. The truth is that the existence of any of us is a miracle.

I find this thought comforting on a dark day. Especially if I’m feeling unsuccessful or like I need to be doing better.

This number helps me realize I’ve already done something way more unlikely than winning the lottery! My mere existence makes me a success.

The number also reminds me that I’m not just anybody. Just as the chance of me being born was almost zero, the chance of me being exactly who I am is even smaller than that pretty-much-zero number.

Same goes for you.

Think about it this way. No one before you has ever had your exact upbringing, personality traits, social experiences, physical make-up, mental health, emotional challenges, educational achievements, natural skills, spiritual inclinations, athletic successes, creative insights, moods, or ways of connecting ideas.

No one will ever, until the end of time, be exactly like you again.

I hope this matters to you. It matters deeply to me.

What gets me going in the morning is my desire to help people express all those things that make them different from everyone else.

We all have something unique to offer because we are different. 

If I offered the exact same thing as you, it would be different because it wouldn’t be you.

Your uniqueness makes you inherently valuable.

That value is waiting to be expressed. I believe it’s why we exist. It’s why you might be waking up in the middle of the night wondering, “Is this there something more for me?”

That question comes from the part of you that knows there is something more. It urges you to,  somehow, sometime, find a way to express the uniqueness that is you in the world.

This is what I can offer you as your coach. I work with brilliant, successful people like you who feel trapped in a role where you’re following someone else’s rules, and you’re yearning to do something that’s your own.

Let me help you walk down a new path that is uniquely yours. One where you set your own agenda. One where you show up as fully yourself. One where you feel free, creative, powerful and invigorated.

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