Do you feel like I used to feel?   There is a third solution that you’re not seeing.

You’ve done all the right things – got the best degree, picked the right job, had your achievements recognized, and found the financial success you always wanted?  But you keep struggling with overwork, self doubt, perfectionism and scarcity?  You feel stressed by your long and unpredictable hours, financial responsibilities and all the demands on your time?  You’ve become so used to putting everyone’s needs ahead of your own that you’ve forgotten how to claim time for yourself and your own passions?

Do you sometimes wake up with an empty feeling in your gut – as if you’ve lost touch with your soul?

I’ve been there and I’ve met so many women like us in my own journey from international tax lawyer to artist.

When we’re in this situation, we think we have only two choices:

  1. Quit our jobs and search for what is missing


  1. Grind it out for a few more years until retirement and ignore that empty feeling.

When we believe that those are our only two choices, we are wrong.

I thought I had only 2 choices, so when I discovered painting in my mid-50’s and realized that the act of painting would help me find what was missing, I quit my job as an international tax lawyer to become a full time artist.

But it was later as I began working as a life coach too that I finally understood that there is a third option.

Just as you have a third choice too. 

And that is what I want to share with you.

Why did I miss the third option?  Because there were two important things I didn’t know.

I didn’t know that how I was thinking about my job was creating that empty feeling I was experiencing.  I didn’t know that I could make that empty feeling go away and stay in my job. 

I wasn’t aware of how my thinking patterns were causing my desperate feelings and preventing me from seeing all the options available to me.

I didn’t know that because no one teaches us the tools to figure this out.

The other thing I didn’t know was that immersing myself in painting was an easy way to reconnect with my heart and my soul.

I didn’t know that something magical would happen when I painted.  That I would become fully present and all my worries would seem irrelevant.

I’ve learned that we all go into the creative “flow” in different ways.   The activity varies, but the feeling is always the same.  We paint, write poetry or fiction or a blog, sculpt, act, or take photos, make an amazing meal, garden, brainstorm ideas or do whatever that thing is where we lose track of time.  It’s as if we take our heads off and leave them in the corner so that the things that normally run through our heads no longer matter.

When we are in creative flow, we connect with what is deep inside of us.

I’ve learned that even a few hours a week of creative activity changes everything.  We connect with our deepest selves.  And we go back into our daily lives with more energy, more ideas, and more joy.  Somehow, everything feels better.

So I have married these two things in the third solution that I share with my clients so that they can feel better.  I show them how to stay in their jobs, connect with their creativity and reconnect with who they really are.

I’d love to spend 20 minutes with you in a free mini session so that I can show show you why you’re not experiencing that inner connection and joy in your life that you want.   Join me for a free 20 minute session by clicking the button below.

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